Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Things

We have some very exciting collaborations happening this year and we've been writing a ton of new music.  The big news to share is that Chimney Choir will be working with Wonderbound to write a full length ballet / multi-media show called Boomtown that will premier in April 2015.  Wonderbound (formally Ballet Nouveau) is an incredibly creative modern dance company that has worked with the Colorado Symphony, Ian Cooke, and Paper Bird.  Together, we have decided to explore Denver.  It is changing every minute.  It is becoming the face of all those moving here, living here, creating here.  Boomtown is an enigma - an attempt to find the soul of the city at the same time it is finding itself.
We'll perform at Junction Box (Wonderbound's amazing rehearsal space) this Saturday night as part of Jesse Manley's Gothic Folktale CD release.

Chimney Choir was nominated best Avant-Pop band by the Westword.  If you are the voting kind, you can vote for us here!  http://musicshowcasepoll.westword.com/

The next few months will be spent playing some really fun festivals, backyards, old schoolhouses, print shops and more.  We are working up a show called Skeleton Woman with Language of Fish that will happen in Boulder the last week of May / first week of June.  David, Kevin, and Kris will also be performing with Natalie Tate for a few shows this month and next.  Natalie is a great friend and amazing songwriter, check out her music here.  

Finally, here is a brand new video from our (compass) release show back in June.  Thanks to Colorado Secret Stages and Continental Divide Vibe for the hard work putting this all together!

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